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Chiropractic Care Vs. Opioids

Chiropractic Care Vs. Opioids
Chiropractic Care Vs. Opioids

Chiropractic Care Vs. Opioids

Why Painkillers kill more than Pain

How’s that back or neck pain doing today? If you are taking pain pills you might want to ask how your liver and kidneys are doing as well. Did you know that Opioids put a lot of stress on those two organs? Sure we read the warnings and hear about the side effects, e.g., may cause death, but yet so many of us ignore these adverse downstream outcomes for a brief respite from the neck and back pain with which we are burdened.

Did you know that much of the pain and discomfort could be alleviated through holistic approaches such as; diet, exercise, meditation and chiropractic care of which we will explore more.

But before we delve into that deep subject lets first go over some of the most come pain pills and their corresponding side effects – because what you don’t know can hurt you.

Here are some commonly prescribed Opioids and their side effects:

  • Vicodin – Side Effects: Nausea, vomiting, constipation, lightheadedness, dizziness, or drowsiness may occur.
  • OxyContin – Side Effects: gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms of constipation, nausea, stomach pain, loss of appetite, and vomiting, and other symptoms including somnolence (sleepiness), dizziness, itching, headache, dry mouth, sweating, and decreases in the ability to feel pain
  • Morphine – Side Effects: constipation, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and dry mouth.
  • Narco – Side Effects: anxiety, dizziness, drowsiness; mild nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, constipation; headache, mood changes; blurred vision; ringing in your ears; or. dry mouth.
  • Percocet – Side Effects: gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms of constipation, nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, somnolence (sleepiness), dizziness, lightheadedness, itching, headache, blurred vision, dry mouth, sweating, and decreases in the ability to feel pain.

Now that you have a better understanding of those prescription drugs and their side effects, lets compare spinal manipulation also known as chiropractic care.

So, how does chiropractic care compare?

  • No side effects
  • Clearer mind
  • Able to operate heavy machinery and drive a car, truck or bus
  • No withdrawal symptoms
  • Non-addictive
  • A better quality of life

Here is what one chiropractic care patient said about the before and after.

“We are blessed with wonderful Chiropractic care. No more neck and shoulder pain. After many years of athletic experience, my husband started experiencing lower back pain and shoulder pain. With regular visits to Dr. MacChesney, he is enjoying great relief!” – BONNIE AND ZOLTAN

Incidentally, my mother has been seeing a chiropractor for over 35 years and swears by it, remarking how when she doesn’t stay on schedule she starts to feel the pain, and as long as she keeps appointments, her pain is managed without taking drugs.

Did you know that according to the CDC, nearly 48,000 women died of prescription painkiller* overdoses between 1999 and 2010. In addition, each day, 46 people die from an overdose of prescription painkillers* in the US; not to mention the related Heroin epidemic facing this country.

Managing chronic pain is no fun, regardless of how you mitigate it, there is always a downside, but in the case of chiropractic care and therapeutic massage, the downside is a great spinal adjustment and a massage to put your muscles at ease.

So before you pick up that pill, or call your doctor for a new pain prescription, why not give your local chiropractor a call – they will know just what to do for you and it won’t involve drugs that debilitate your quality of life.

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